Adopted at 14 March 1996

Amended 10 March 2000
Amended 18 March 2005


  1. NAME:
    1. The Association shall be called “The Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland” (ACSSQ)
    1. Associations whose members are drawn mainly from the ranks of persons working in Queensland Catholic secondary schools, and whose aims are consonant with those of ACSSQ, may be affiliated with ACSSQ.
    2. Affiliated Associations are:
      1. Association of Secondary Religious Education Assistants to the Principal (ASREAP)
      2. Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland Deputy Principals and Assistant to the Principal Admin Inc (ACSSQ-DPAPA Inc)
      3. Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland (APCSSQ)
      4. Association of Counsellors of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland (ACCSSQ)
      5. and such other bodies as may from time to time be approved for affiliation by the Executive


  1. AIMS:
    1. To promote the interests of Catholic education in the State of Queensland.
    2. To serve the needs of its members by sponsoring or arranging such services and functions as may be required.
    3. To act as a coordinating body for the affiliated associations.
    4. To serve as a peak consultative body to the Bishops of Queensland and to Catholic Education authorities.
    5. To conduct research that leads to the advancement of Education and, in particular, Catholic secondary education in Queensland.
    6. To provide opportunities for professional development in order to advance the educational needs of member schools.
    1. All Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland.
    2. Associate Membership (non-voting) may be granted by the Executive to other schools, institutions and organisations or persons.  The fee for associate membership is as determined at the Annual General Meeting (see Para 9.1).
    3. An Annual General Meeting, on recommendation of the outgoing executive, may grant honorary Life Membership to a member who has:
      1. made a significant contribution to ACSSQ over
      2. an extended period of time.
    4. It is envisaged that the member should be:
      1. in a transitional role, and
      2. at the end of direct involvement in the Association.


    1. The Executive of the Association shall consist of four Office Bearers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) plus two other nominees from each Affiliated Association one of whom will be the elected President (or their nominee from the executive) of the Affiliated Association.  One of these two persons should be from outside the Archdiocese of Brisbane.
    2. The Director (or representative) of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive.
    1. The Executive Office Bearers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association for a period of one year.  Terms of office of Executive members are renewable.
    2. The Executive shall convene the Annual General Meeting and has power to call Special General Meetings.
    3. A quorum for Executive shall comprise half its membership plus one: the President will have a casting vote.
    4. The Executive has power to invite other (non-voting) persons to its meetings.


    1. Sub-committees (either ad hoc or standing) may be formed by the Executive to meet particular needs or group interests.
    2. Approved sub-committees are to elect a Convenor who will report to the Executive as required.
    3. Members of sub-committees shall vacate office prior to the Annual General Meeting, but their term of office is renewable.
    1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held before the end of March each year.  Only one representative from each financial member school and Life Members may vote.  Associate members do not have voting rights.  Twenty member school representatives shall constitute a quorum.
    2. General: Executive and Sub-Committee meetings will be held as required to attend to the business of the Association.  The Association will meet reasonable costs incurred by members of the Executive to participate in up to five meetings per annum.


    1. A General Meeting held upon due notice being given to all members (at least two weeks) is the highest decision-making body of the Association.
    1. The Annual subscription for membership and associate membership shall be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.  Part of the annual subscription may be divided among Affiliated Associations, as determined by the Executive.
    2. The Treasurer of the Association shall maintain appropriate records for the receipt and remittance of all monies of the Association and shall present an audited report to the Annual General Meeting.
    3. A Bank Account shall be maintained by the Treasurer.  Signatories for cheques shall be any two of the Office Bearers.


    1. Alteration to the Constitution of the Association may be effected at the Annual General Meeting or at a special General Meeting called for that purpose, provided that notice of intended motion is circulated to members two weeks prior to the general meeting.
    2. A simple majority of votes at the General Meeting is required for Constitutional changes.  Only one representative from each financial member school and Life Members may vote.
    3. A signed postal vote on constitutional matters will be accepted at the meeting provided such member is not already represented.
    1. In the event of “winding up” or “dissolution” of the Association there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Association but shall be given to some other institution or institutions having aims similar to the aims of the Association, such institution or institutions to be determined by members of the Association at or before the time of dissolution, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision then to some charitable objects that advances the cause of Catholic secondary education in Queensland.

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