Mrs Laura Keating: Life Member 2014

At the ACSSQ Annual General Meeting on 3 March, the Association recognized Laura Keating’s long service to Catholic education by awarding her Life Membership.

Laura has been heavily involved in ACSSQ since her membership in 1986 as an Assistant Principal. She has served as a member of the Executive Committee as Deputy Principal in 1997, at a time when ACSSQ welcomed Counsellors into its membership. Laura’s professional, personable and friendly demeanor has allowed her to reach and connect with many members across the state.

During the Incorporation of the DP/AP arm of the ACSSQ, Laura has been an active and enthusiastic member, contributing to the work of this Association and furthering the connectivity between its members across the various Catholic sectors.

As Principal and President of BACSSPA, she has strongly supported and has been involved in the organisation and running of the annual dinners, Ave Atque Vale and AGM, promoting fellowship within Catholic education. Laura has always seen the value of the Association in promoting networking, friendship and collegiality between its members and has actively supported and encouraged the Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals and Counsellors under her leadership to become involved in any of its activities and the activities of the sub-committees.

Laura has supported the ACSSQ’s Travelling Scholar program, offering Clairvaux MacKillop College’s facilities as a hosting venue. Members across the state have always appreciated Laura’s sense of humour, her professionalism and her friendly, personable nature. While Laura’s direct contribution to Catholic education has ended with her retirement.

The Association thanks Laura for her long and distinguished career in Catholic education and congratulates her on her Life Membership.

Last Updated: 15 May 2018