The Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland (ACSSQ) aims to promote the interests of Catholic education throughout Queensland by providing opportunities to meet in fellowship and to engage in professional development in order to advance the educational needs of member schools. The Association acts as a coordinating body for the affiliated associations or committees for Principals, Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals, Assistant Principals Religious Education and Counsellors. 

ACSSQ Conference 2017.  The Association is looking to have a combined conference in 2017 and, as such, a conference committee has been formed. The aim is to bring together fellowship to all members of the Association and highlight the value of Catholic secondary education in Queensland.    If you have any ideas regarding the possible themes then please email our President, Kerrie Tuite, tuitk@mta.qld.edu.au. In addition if you think there is a particular needs that should be addressed at the conference, please let the committee know. Dates will be a factor and we are looking forward to generating a comprehensive conference program that will enliven the hearts, minds and spirits of those who attend.  Members of the Steering committee are Kerrie Tuite, Christine Clarke, Alison Stone, Kathryn Janovsky, Paul Mead, Maree Rose. + one members from each sub- committee group.

Last Updated: 15 May 2018